venerdì 11 settembre 2015

FIFA 16 DEMO - Demo Unlock v1.4

General Features
- Time Match
- Weather
- Stadium
- Ball
- Net
- Color 
- Difficulty
- Fullscreen
- Enable linesman
- Unlock celebrations
- Remove Screen before Press Start (Fast Game)
- Hand Ball (Refree)
- Drop Ball (Refree)
- No Foul (Refree)
- New Stamina
- Auto Update tool
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password: lagun-2

7 commenti:

  1. Thanks from Poland. You are awesome man. :)

  2. you’re awesome man but !
    can you increase stamina more than that ?! because i play 10 min matches and the player energy begin to finish at 60 minutes

  3. and one more thing please add enjury par to turn it on or off as handball
    and trainer also
    and if there any fix to save button configuration
    and finally skip the first match when we open the game (realmadrid vs barca )
    :D 😘

  4. increase stamina more please and make a button to off trainer , injury and skip first match (el clasico)
    thank you very much

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